So we lived workshop at Santa Cruz

Foto de grupo - Taller Santa Cruz 2016After missing the “hangover” of an intense weekend flavored night photography is time to think in it.
Aula - Santa Cruz

On the one hand we bring a lot of new friends. We are very proud of the success of this event, but above all to plant seed of love to astronomy and astrophotography to some people more. We have to thank them for their trust, they trust in us to introduce them in this world what passionate us. Thanks from our heart.

The truth is that the feeling has been very good, work completed at 150%. We emptied knowledge for them. And so piece reflect those surveys that have left us (and it shows that you have wanting more). In any case, with people like this, it is easy teach.Campo - Santa Cruz

At the end us attach some of the work carried out in the course. His first photographs night … anyone would say, here’s quarry.

Of course, we also have to thank for their support to CEIDA (Center for University Extension and Environmental Disclosure of Galicia). Without their help and enthusiasm this workshop would not have been possible.

You know, now to enjoy the stars!, sure we meet again in the night.


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